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ProView Platform Software Requirements

iOS for iPhone and iPad

Android 4.4 for tablets (smartphone coming soon)

Desktop (Windows) – Windows 7 or newer

Desktop (Mac) – Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or Newer

Browser - IE11+, Edge, Safari 10+, FireFox (newest version), Chrome (newest version)

How to register OnePass

Sign on to multiple Thomson Reuters applications with more security, more control and more convenience.

OnePass allows you to log on to multiple Thomson Reuters applications and website with a single username and password. You can choose your own username and password and you can reset it if you forget your password.

Use OnePass to sign on to ProView, Westlaw Asia, Thomson Reuters Westlaw, Practical Asia and more.

Download this guide which will show you how to register OnePass with ProView.

Onboarding and Training Videos

Getting started
Understand how to access ProView on your devices, navigate your Library Main Page, and download titles to your library. (3:38)
Basic Search & Navigation
Use ProView’s search and filter tools to find and navigate titles in your library. (3:35)
Advanced Search & Navigation
Learn to modify and save search queries, filter results, and use search setting capabilities to enhance your search experience. (3:45)
Creating annotations
You can create three types of annotation to ProView titles – bookmarks, highlights, and notes. (3:27)
Importing annotations
Import annotations to a new version of a title and manage displaced annotations with ProView’s annotation tools. (3:24)
Create & Share
The Create & Share feature allows you to share excerpts or entire sections of text from any book in your library. (2:36)

ProView User Guide

Learn to use ProView more efficiently with all its features and functionalities.

Download ProView User Guide here

Content License

Download Content License here.